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May I curse you?

Don’t you worry, it isn’t you I have a problem with, is my nasty flu/sickness/unwanted tears. I’ve been sick for like seven days now and it so not seems like the end of it. The (not so) funny part is that is the 3rd time this year when I catch a cold and it’s practically driving me insane, mostly because I have to go to make a new ID and i feel and look like shit. And hey, I will be looking at and show that face to people for like ten years, of course I care. But then again, I can’t postpone it anymore, and I’ll have to go tomorrow, worse-case scenario the day after tomorrow and take the picture.

All these being said, after two weeks of pretending that I can reach the end of Age of Innocence I finally gave up and started reading Shirley by Charlotte Bronte. After only one chapter, I can tell that I like it. Now, I just wonder how long will it take me to read all the +600 pages.


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