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Life unexpected

Life unexpected is a serial that appeared this year, and right now is running it’s second season. I’ve only discovered it about three weeks ago and since than that’s all I’ve been watching.

I have to say that isn’t such a great show, there is such drama that makes me sick. And I also see no connections between the characters but somehow remains catchy. In my case, I think this is mainly because of the high school-teenagers theme and the great soundtracks.  And oh, one more thing. Actually two. Seeing Haley and Mia from „One Three Hill” in one of the episodes was totally awesome, especially since I’ve never seen such a thing, like a show to make a reference about another one.  And the second thing, well this is more personal. I really like the relationship between Lux and her teacher, Eric. This doesn’t mean that I’m familiar to such a thing, don’t get the wrong idea. I just like how they look together.

And one  last thing I definitely like Tasha, who is being played by Ksenia Solo. She’s a cutie.


2 comments on “Life unexpected

  1. Da si mie imi place relatia dintre Eric si Lux :X si consider ca serialul este altfel decat celelalte pentru ca aceasta tema nu a mai fost abordata de niciunul pana acum
    Si melodiile sunt Superbe :X

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