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There are only 14 days till Christmas and I still didn’t changed my mind about not (really) celebrating it this year. Even though i see the lighting at night in the city and i listen to carols at the radio i don’t feel the spirit of holiday. I’m not ready to give up on Christmas, but just this year i will. I am not  going to get involved in anything and I will just let it go away.

So 14 days i say, and then 7 more till the end of the year. What do you say about that? 2010 gone forever! Everything gone! I think I’m gonna cry…


2 comments on “Countdown

  1. yep… 2010 gone forever! :( sad… I wish I could start again this year :D <3

  2. […] nu am mai împodobit bradul, în 2011 petrecându-mi seara de ajun pe ruta Viena-Arad, iar în 2010, luând marea hotărâre de a nu mai sărbători, cel puţin în anul respectiv – ziceam eu […]

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