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I’m lazy, do you mind?

Let’s start with ‘the ocean’. The sweet sound of memories, the thought of freedom.

Now, my friend, while you listen to this song, think of all the things you laughed about this summer, all the people you have met, the songs you danced on, the nights you wasted,  and all the other things that thinking about will bring a smile upon your face.


Be brave, stay bright

Sing the song of your heart.

Lose the anger, forget the pain

Tomorrow isn’t just a new day, it’s a great day.

And before I utterly finish with no goodbye

Tell me unknown friend

I am lazy, do you mind?


2 comments on “I’m lazy, do you mind?

  1. […] Incercand sa gasesc o solutie, am descoperit ca cel mai important lucru ar fi sa nu aman ce trebuie facut. Dar cand am incercat sa pun in practica am dat peste marele inconvenient, care ma duce cu gandul la “I’m lazy, do you mind?“ […]

  2. I love your poem! Congrats`!

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