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Promoting Romania from Arieseni

Last weekend two colleagues of mine and I went to Arieseni (jud. Alba, Romania) to make a history project.  We had to promote Romania in the world, and we chose to go to a mountain aria to do a short video presenting the main attractions.  Besides being an extremely enjoyable trip, we managed to do our project and also find out some interesting and exciting things. This area we’ve visited offers not only traditions and customs but some great challenges for those who like hiking.

Unfortunately, the video isn’t that great to be shown, so here are a few shoots I’ve managed to take as we made our way through the wood.  Enjoy!


One comment on “Promoting Romania from Arieseni

  1. […] inseamna ca in acest moment sunt in drum spre munte. Cum in noiembrie 2010 am reusit sa facem un trip memorabil (noi fetele) la Arieseni, acum, iarna, cu ocazia “Serbarilor zapezii”, m-as […]

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