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So, this summer…

I felt great. I had the best summer of my life and I wish I could say that every year.

Right after the school was over I went to my two years in a row place to spend my holidays and random weekends, Vienna. I stayed there about two weeks.

From Vienna I went on a cruise to Bratislava. This was my first summer joy, traveling to another country (Slovakia) and visit the capital.

Coming back home from Vienna i left for a trip in Romania. Unfortunately I didn’t take too many pictures.

Returning home again I took a little break till the beginning of August when i left for The Netherlands, the second and also the greatest joy of my summer. Again another new country and it’s capital (Amsterdam).

And this was all. I’m supposed to go a couple of days in the mountains with my parents this week but I don’t think I can make it because i have cheerleading  practice. Anyway, if i stay home I’ll attend some party that is happening this Friday. And with this i end this -looking back- post and smile cuz’ it really was a great summer. I hope you guys also had a very nice holiday!


5 comments on “So, this summer…

  1. Hehe… e bine ca, acum, am o imagine a personajului din spatele blogului.

    Bafta cu EVS-ul,

  2. Hehe… nu am mai fost de ceva timp pe blogul tau, sorry.
    E foarte posibil Anca doar ca, deh, Kf-ul in genere e destul de plin si e foarte posibil sa nu fi fost atent.

    Trage-ma de maneca data viitoare :P

  3. Ţi-a plăcut în Amsterdam? Eu am fost acolo acum 2 ani şi m-am îndrăgostit pur şi simplu de oraşul ăla :D

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