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And I’m back again

This time is something far away from home-sweet-home but it is what it is, and I’m going to be just fine.

The youth exchange I took part in was extraordinary. The place, the people, the dance, the parties, the traveling, the kissing, the stories, the jokes, the VLA (oh the vla, which by the way is some sort of pudding), the 1 am meal, the flash mobs, the cycling, the performance, the music, the „in 10 minutes in the big room”, and of course the fire alarm that woke up at 5 am in our first night, those and many other things were simply amazing.

This kind of things can’t really be explained, because there are so intense. I never imagined that I could live and enjoy something that much. I was so depressed returning home, but now I’m somehow happy that I had the chance to be there, and meet all those people.

I’m definitely going to repeat this kind of thing, and I’m also looking big at the things that I could do in the future. And by the way, Amsterdam was also great, too bad we didn’t had to much time.


5 comments on “And I’m back again

  1. Best review about a youth exchange i’v ever read!
    Been in some myself so i guess „i feel you” on this one :P

  2. Bon… hai sa o luam de la inceput.

    Buna Anca,
    Te-am identificat ca cititor WWMP News si m-am bucurat(sunt din Arad, da)
    Acum 4 ani am fost lider si coordonator pe proiecte internationale iar acum sunt coordonatorul general pt. Asociatia „WWMP” din Arad.
    Am coordonat direct 4 si indirect inca doua schimburi de tineret si as putea spune ca am fost printre primii lideri din Arad dar sunt vremuri „strabune”, i guess :P

    Succes si keep in touch!

  3. Ok. Si schimburile pe care le-ai coordonat au fost in Romania, nu?
    Poti sa-mi spui ceva despre EVS, esti familarizat cu asta?

  4. Bon… ne impreietenim prea repede :P

    Povestim pe wwmp.ro@gmail.com, daca este sa-ti raspuns la multele intrebari.

    Hai bafta.

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