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Inspired from -things to do in a lifetime-

Since i was bored to death, I took some „things to do in a lifetime” lists and had a little fun. I decided to only write the very few things that were done by me, and not to reproduce the whole lists. So these are the things I’ve done.

  • Asked out a stranger
  • Had a snowball fight
  • Taken a road-trip
  • Danced like a fool and not cared who was looking
  • Got flowers for no reason
  • Performed on stage
  • Been on a cruise ship
  • Eaten sushi
  • Visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Sing songs in the moonlight
  • Got a pet
  • Learn to speak a foreign language
  • Be interviewed on TV
  • Eat traditional food in a foreign country

2 comments on “Inspired from -things to do in a lifetime-

  1. foarte dragute si intr-adevar de trecut pe to do list si bifate incet, incet. Imi place sa cred ca am bifat multe si e si mai frumos cand reusesti sa le tot re-bifezi (daca exista cuvantul)

  2. Dar astea sunt lucrurile pe care eu le-am facut. Si intr-adevar, unele ar merge bifate si de doua ori. :)

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